We kept hitting walls in our job search.

We know firsthand the frustation of sending hundreds of resumes out and hearing nothing...

About us

Our story

Like countless others, we had been downsized during the last few years. While we thought we had decent experience and strong skills, we soon discovered that the job hunt process is a brutal slog. Sending out hundreds of resumes and getting 0 callbacks. After turning to resources on reddit and youtube we started to learn best practices. But these steps took up so much time and we're not scalable. Finally something clicked and we started to think about the job application process like a sales funnel. We needed to customize our sales pitches to our 'clients' (employers) and we needed to be able to do it at scale.

This was the birth of Wallbreaker. A system to help us smash through ATS systems and land a1ctual job interviews by scaling up our ability to send out customized resumes and cover letters, that we knew would get noticed by hiring managers. We started to see results and we knew we had to share this with others.

About us 02

Helping out friends

As we saw success with our own job search, we started to help out our friends. Getting Wallbreaker into the hands of as many people that needed it as we could.

“ I have to hand it to these guys, they made something that simply delivers on its goal. “

Helping the world!

The time has come for us to step up our game. We want to empower everyone to smash through their own walls. We cant guarantee that you will get that dream job, but everyone deserves a shot at the plate.

Ready to start breaking down your own walls?